Hard 1000

Know Your Timur
Author: Alexander Migutskiy (@amg_core)
ML: 90%CTF: 10%osintreallife

The knowyourbusiness.net platform requires you to successfully pass the KYC verification as being Timur Yunusov, the author of this presentation.

Each participant has ten (10) application attempts. You must send two photos for successful verification: the first is a photo of Timur’s driver’s license, the second is Timur’s photo holding this driver’s license (details and examples of photos are on the website knowyourbusiness.net/).

Photos submitted for verification undergo both manual and automated checks, including ELA. To successfully pass these checks, we expect you to use a generative model, specifically a Stable Diffusion model, to solve this challenge.

Target processing time for each request is 30 minutes, and all requests will be processed no later than 3 hours after the end of the CTF.

Good luck, fellow Timurs!


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